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What is AB Glue? How to Use It?

AB glue is composed of 2 different liquids, one liquid is the glue, and the other liquid is the hardener. The two different liquids can be hard when they are mixed. It does not need to be hardened by temperature, so it is a normal temperature. A kind of hardened glue, sometimes used for modeling, is generally used in industry.

AB glue is the name of a two-component adhesive. Commercially available AB glue with acrylic, epoxy, polyurethane and other components. When used in the factory, the toothpaste tube is abbreviated as AB glue (the eye-catching name on the box) in order to distinguish it from the conventional large cans (1kg/2kg set).

Component A is acrylic modified epoxy or epoxy resin or contains a catalyst and other additives, and component B is modified amine or another hardener or contains a catalyst and other additives. Mix in a certain proportion. Catalysts can control cure time, and other additives can control properties (such as viscosity, stiffness, flexibility, adhesion, etc.). The properties of AB glue sold on the market have been determined in the formula, and generally, there is little change. If there is a big change, it needs to be customized to the manufacturer.

Modified acrylic modified epoxy or epoxy resin adhesive has fast drying characteristics. After A/B is mixed, it will dry in 5 minutes at 25 degrees. The higher the temperature, the shorter the time for AB glue to dry. It can bond plastic to plastic, plastic to metal, metal to metal, and peeling after bonding requires a knife or hot melt separation. The bonding effect between plastic and plastic is excellent, almost equal to the strength of ABS, and it is widely used in the improvement of figure production.

Epoxy AB glue is a two-component epoxy glue. In addition to the high bonding strength, high hardness and high chemical resistance of ordinary epoxy resin adhesives, it also has an anti-yellowing effect. Even on vertical surfaces or suspended ceilings, it does not sag, and dries moderately and is safe and environmentally friendly.

AB glue has high bonding strength, but there are also some shortcomings, such as long curing time, uneven manual mixing, poor curing, and heavy odor. There is a fast dual component cartridge system that can be solved. This system has been popularized in Europe and the United States. When most people use it, they use traditional methods to dispense glue. This system is mainly composed of an epoxy dispenser gun, dual cartridges and disposable static mixing tubes. The glue factory uses a two-component syringe to pre-package the AB glue and stores it in the AB glue syringe. When using it, install it on the epoxy gun. Then connect the plastic disposable static mixers to the flue outlet, and use the mixing tube to mix. Mix the two types of glue evenly on the sheet (usually after 7 sections, 17 sections are used, and the mixing effect is hundreds of times that of manual work), and then apply the glue to the parts that need to be bonded.


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