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What is A Static Mixing Nozzle?

The mixing tube is composed of a series of up and down, left and right rotating blades, which are arranged vertically in sequence in the casing. It is mainly used for mixing two-component liquid materials.

According to the different mixing of fluid materials, there are two ways of static mixing and dynamic mixing. As a professional static mixing nozzles manufacturer in China, Glrace will explain to you the relevant knowledge of static mixing nozzles.

Static mixer pipes are available in different forms, some of which are made of metal and can be used repeatedly. But more of them are made of plastic materials and consider for one-time applications (the cost of manpower and material resources for cleaning is higher). The epoxy static mixer is used to realize the mixing of two materials without stirring and without moving parts, which is called a static mixing tube.

How does the static mixer pipe work?
During the conveying process, the two components, A and B, are gradually layered, changing the direction of movement and repeating until a uniform mixing state is achieved.
It is generally believed that static mixing has good working performance when the viscosity of some materials is not very different and the mixing ratio is not too different. But in fact, the above situation is also a great challenge to dynamic stirring, and it is more than some specific engineering designs that lead to different performances of the equipment.

The mixing tube is the most commonly used product in the production and dispensing process. The cassette interface is suitable for the 50 series AB glue cartridge and is often used for the dispensing valve and the dispensing gun head with the suitable interface. The positive and negative spirals in the mixing tube can easily mix glue A and glue B evenly. The degree of mixing uniformity is closely related to the professional degree of the production process. The use of mixing tubes provides a low-cost solution for two-component liquid mixing. The use of static mixer tubes can save labor, reduce waste, greatly improve productivity and reduce production costs.


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