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What is A Dynamic Mixing Tube?

As one of the leading static mixer manufacturers in China, Glrace will explain to you the relevant knowledge of dynamic mixers. Dynamic mixing tubes and plastic static mixers are the commonly used accessories for automatic glue filling machines. They are used for glue mixing. Dynamic mixing tubes are mainly used for AB glue with large proportions. The static mixer pipe is mainly used for AB glue with a small proportion difference.

The dynamic mixing tube can be equipped with a system for automatic mixing and quantitative dispensing, and the high-speed rotating blades can fully stir the two materials of AB and evenly.
Different dynamic mixing pipe specifications can be selected according to the required flow size.
With the adapter, it can be connected to various specifications of needles and nozzles to achieve dynamic and small glue output.
The dynamic mixing tube is very easy to clean, and one tube can be used for a long time after cleaning, providing a low-cost solution for two-component liquid mixing.

Differences from static mixing tubes:
The difference between a dynamic mixing tube and a disposable static mixer is that the spiral blades in the tube can rotate quickly and stop instantly. This unique mixing tube is suitable for mixing liquids with different proportions, liquids containing foam and high viscosity (such as ethane, rubber, etc.) and various two-component adhesives and fillers (such as epoxy resin), silicone epoxy resin, PU, ​​UV glue, etc.).

The use of dynamic mixing tubes can save labor, reduce waste, greatly improve productivity and reduce production costs.

Dynamic mixing tubes are now widely used in electronic product production, electrical appliance manufacturing, civil construction, automobile manufacturing and gift decoration industries.


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