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The Function And Selection Of Common Static Mixer Pipe

The interface of the static mixer pipe is in the form of a bayonet or spiral, and the inner tube core is spiral. The working principle is: when the glue comes out of the A glue and the B glue tube and flows through the mixing tube, it is divided into several small parts after being cut, sheared, rotated and remixed by the spiral blade many times. The helical blade makes the glue flow, sometimes left-handed, sometimes right-handed, constantly changing the flow direction, not only pushing the central fluid to the periphery but also pushing the peripheral fluid to the center, resulting in a good radial mixing effect. At the same time, the rotation of the glue itself will also occur on the interface where the adjacent components are connected. This perfect radial circulation mixing effect enables the glue of different components to be uniformly mixed.

B Series Static Mixers GL-FB516L

The mixing times of the glue flowing through the static mixer tubes are directly related to the number of segments. If the number of segments of the static mixer pipe is N, the theoretical mixing times are 2N. For example, the commonly used number of sections for static mixer pipes in the domestic market is 12, and the theoretical mixing times are 4096.

The cassette interface of the A series disposable static mixer can be closely connected with the 50ml AB ​​rubber barrel. Stir.

B series static mixer nozzle has an intubation interface. The fluid distribution is more scientific, the positive and negative spiral blades are arranged in sequence and the sheet is closely combined with the shell. Different models can be selected according to the glue ratio and production process.

White and transparent C series static mixer tubes are often used in glue filling machines and hand-held glue guns, especially suitable for mixing liquids with pigments for easy observation. The red and transparent CX series mixing tube is used with 10:1, 4:1 AB dual cartridges, and its unique shunt inlet is suitable for liquid materials with different ratios.

E series static mixer nozzle, the circular interface size is a special type, the diameter of 15.9mm is often used in high-pressure machines, if it is used for high-viscosity glue, please install a metal jacket to ensure safe operation and mixing quality.

F series square mixing tube is improved and innovative based on the circular static mixing tube. The mixing effect is theoretically better than that of the circular mixing tube. The tube core is composed of up, down, left, and right I-shaped blades arranged in sequence. Square mixing pipes are often used for mixing structural adhesives and are commonly used for repairs in the construction coal mining industry.

The diameter of the circular interface of the S series mixing tube is the industry standard of 16.7. It is often used for high-pressure operation on the glue filling machine. If it is used for high-viscosity glue, please add a metal jacket to ensure operation safety and mixing quality.

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