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Introduce Several Methods Of Using AB Glue

AB glue is another name for two-component mixed curing glue. One is the glue, the other is the hardener, the two components can be mixed to react and cure, and the glue can be cured at room temperature. Commonly used AB glue has acrylic, epoxy, polyurethane and other components. Packaging specifications are 2KG/bottle, 50ml, 200ml mixing tube or toothpaste tube. The commonly used AB glue ratio is 1:1/2:1/3:1/4:1:/5:1/10:1, etc. There are different ratios according to different production formulas. AB glue is widely used in production or daily applications in various industries such as electronic appliances, electrical industry, electromechanical equipment, handicrafts, instrumentation, automobile and ship manufacturing, construction and other fields of structural bonding, sealing, insulation, potting protection, etc. It is also suitable for Handmade DIY and home repairs.

How to use AB glue:

Manually adjust the glue

AB glue according to the required proportion, mix the resin and curing agent according to the standard weight, mix them thoroughly until they form a uniform mixture, and apply the mixed material to the pretreated dry and clean surface to be bonded. Use a mixing tool, plastic mixing pads or bamboo sticks. It is often used for AB glue with long operation time or in trial or small batch production.

Manual glue gun to squeeze AB glue

Squeeze the AB glue with a manual glue gun, install the AB glue packaged in different proportions of the mixing tube on the glue dispenser, and mix the AB components with plastic disposable static mixers. Bonding surface. Mainly used in 50ml mixing tube packaging, the currently available ratios are: 1:1/2:1/4:1/10:1

Hand-held pneumatic dispenser for AB glue

Hand-held pneumatic dispensing agent to play AB glue, install the AB glue packaged in different proportions of disposable static mixing tubes in the customized two-component dispensing valve (or glue cartridges), and mix the AB component glue evenly with the plastic static mixer. Turn on the air pressure extrusion. You can directly apply the mixed glue to the surface to be bonded. Pneumatic glue dispensing machine can be set timing, quantitative glue, operability is better than manual glue dispensing gun, workers are easy to operate and labor-saving. Mainly used in 50ml mixing tube packaging, the currently available ratios are 1:1/2:1/4:1/10:1.

Automatic AB glue dispensing machine

The automatic AB glue dispensing machine, compared with ordinary glue dispensing machine equipment, is also controlled by air pressure, glue is pressed out from the barrel, and a valve controls the size of the glue. The difference is that two sets of control systems control the glue and the b glue respectively. It can control the dispensing amount and dispensing stroke through the program, with good consistency, high precision requirements, heterosexual materials, flow operations, and production efficiency improvement are all good choices. Available in different proportions of AB glue.

Customers choose different dispensing methods according to the product structure, production volume and production process. Glrace can provide high-quality dual component cartridge systems and application solutions.


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