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How To Choose A Glue Dispensing Gun?

The glue dispensing gun is a simple tool for applying glue (or squeezing glue), and it may be used where glue is needed. It is generally used with ab dual cartridges containing glue and suitable disposable static mixing tubes. AB epoxy dispensing gun is currently the most rigorously designed, user-friendly, smooth and labor-saving glue gun. With its exquisite elegance, lightness and durability, easy operation and affordable price, it is deeply loved by major glue users.

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Everyone in the dispensing equipment industry knows that a good epoxy dispensing gun can save time and effort in the dispensing process, save energy, and be efficient. Now this kind of clenched fist, I feel that in the new era of rapid time, the most important thing in doing things is high efficiency. Most people who can finish something in 2 minutes don’t want to spend 15 minutes on it, so from the 3rd minute, the next pot of gold is digging.

Nowadays, in the era of uneven dispensing of consumables and equipment, it is a proposition worth thinking about how the masters can better choose a suitable glue gun.

It is not difficult to choose a suitable glue dispensing gun. If you want to buy a treasure, the masters should consider the following factors:

Brand awareness
The response of brand awareness does not depend on the hype of merchants alone, but more importantly, it needs to be recognized by the market and recognized and affirmed by users. If there is no user’s highly sought-after glue dispensing gun, it can only be short-lived, only a few days.

Does a good epoxy dispensing gun meet the expectations of the masters, for example, is it easy to operate, light and durable? Glrace’s ab epoxy dispensing guns are designed for mass production while improving quality and are specially designed with metal snaps, which are more durable, lighter and easier to use.

Contrast refers to the commercial value of the real material of the epoxy mixing gun. The birth of a good glue gun requires good raw materials, molds, hardware, skilled assembly, responsible quality inspection, and so many processes. In this way, the value of the epoxy dispensing gun is obvious, but it is often easy for engineers to shop around and choose the cheapest glue gun that looks the same as the picture. Time is still a problem. Isn’t it tangled and depressing?

After-sales service
This is a complicated condition. A good business person will guarantee the quality of the product and at the same time realize the after-sales service. Glrace’s ten years of production and application experience and strict quality inspection system guarantee the quality of glue guns.

Product introduction
Glrace glue guns are mainly manual glue guns, two-component manual glue guns, pneumatic glue guns, and two-component pneumatic glue guns.

If you are interested in glue dispensing guns or have any questions, please contact Glrace for more information on glue guns.


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