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How The Disposable Static Mixer Works?

Disposable static mixer is a new technology product used in multi-fluid stirring. It comprises a series of up and down, left and right rotating blades, which are arranged vertically in sequence in the casing. Mainly used for mixing two kinds of glues, AB glue plastic disposable static mixers have two ways of static mixing and dynamic mixing according to their realization methods.

F Series Static Mixers HJ-F616L

Static mixing has different forms of products, and some use metal materials, which can be used repeatedly. Some are made of plastic and are considered for single-use applications. But as the name suggests, the use of static mixers enables mixing two materials without stirring and with no moving parts. How does a static mixer work? A and B glue are respectively installed in different AB glue dual cartridges. During the conveying process, the two components are gradually layered, changing the direction of movement and repeating until a uniform mixing state is achieved.

Due to the simple structure of the static mixing head, the trouble of using a large amount of solvent for cleaning after the operation of the power stirring at the current stage is avoided. And it can be matched with quantitative/mixing equipment to automate production. It omits the steps of reclaiming, weighing, stirring and cleaning, simplifies the operation process of the two-component reactive resin, and has many advantages such as saving labor, increasing production volume, and reducing production costs. Therefore, ab disposable static mixing tubes have been accepted by the product portfolio of civil construction, electronic, automotive and other industries and are widely used in the operation of various two-component reactive adhesives/caulks.

The application of plastic static mixers is very extensive. Looking for a reliable static mixing nozzles manufacturer, choose Glrace, which has 15 years of experience in this industry and is your trusted partner.


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