Dual Cartridges

AB glue dual cartridges, also known as epoxy resin cartridges, empty epoxy cartridges, adhesive cartridges, 2 part epoxy tubes, etc. Dual cartridges are available in different proportions and are mainly used for filling 2 different types of glue. The AB glue cartridge is mainly used for smearing, pouring, and dispensing two-liquid glue. With a glue gun and a matching glue mixing tube, it can not only automatically mix AB glue but also is lightweight and durable. When using, connect the glue cartridge filled with AB glue to the matching glue mixing tube, and then put it into the matching glue gun to complete the assembly of the simplest dispensing system, and then pull the gun handle of the glue gun. Feel free to control the amount of glue dispensed.

empty epoxy cartridges

50 Series

dual cartridges

200 Series

epoxy resin cartridges

400 Series

AB glue dual cartridges

600 Series

Find Dual Component Cartridges For Your Industries?

We provide dual cartridge packaging solutions to all our customers and offer 2 part epoxy tubes wholesale that you can take advantage of.

50 Series Empty Epoxy Cartridges