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Can Epoxy Glue Be Used On Electronic Components?

Glrace is one of China’s leading dual cartridge packaging suppliers, offering disposable static mixers, dual cartridges and epoxy dispensing guns. Epoxy glue will use our products, so what is epoxy glue?

What is epoxy glue?
Epoxy resin adhesive generally refers to an adhesive made of epoxy resin as the main body. Epoxy resin adhesive generally needs to be cured by adding an epoxy resin curing agent.

Seven properties of epoxy curing

  1. Excellent mechanical properties
    It has strong cohesion, and its mechanical strength is better than that of ordinary resins.
  2. Then the strength is good
    After the epoxy resin reacts with the amine, hydroxyl groups will be generated in the structure, which has good adhesion to many materials.
  3. Low hardening shrinkage
    The curing shrinkage of epoxy resin is only 1~2%, which is one of the small types of thermosetting plastics.
  4. Good processing performance
    It does not produce volatile substances when hardening and can be used in many different processing conditions.
  5. Good electrical performance
    The volume resistance of epoxy resin is above 1015ohm-cm, which is a resin material with good insulation.
  6. High chemical stability
    Epoxy resin has good chemical stability and can withstand the corrosion of various acids, alkalis and salts without damage.
  7. Good heat resistance properties
    The cured epoxy resin can generally be heat-resistant to about 100 °C, and the heat-resistant resin can be heat-resistant to more than 200 °C.

Epoxy adhesives can be used on electronic components, in addition to the following applications:

  1. Electronic and electrical industry: epoxy resin glue can be used for electrical insulating materials, such as sealing and pouring of rectifiers and transformers; sealing and protection of electronic components; insulation treatment and bonding of mechanical and electrical products; sealing and bonding of batteries; capacitors, resistors, The surface of the inductor is covered.
  2. Hardware accessories, handicrafts, sporting goods industry: can be used in signs, accessories, trademarks, hardware, rackets, fishing tackle, sporting goods, handicrafts and other products.
  3. Optoelectronics industry: It can be used for packaging, perfusion and bonding of light-emitting diodes (LEDs), digital tubes, pixel tubes, electronic displays, LED lighting and other products.
  4. Construction industry: It is also widely used in roads, bridges, floors, steel structures, buildings, wall coatings, dams, engineering construction, cultural relics repair and other industries.
  5. Adhesives, sealants and composite materials: such as the bonding between various substances such as wind turbine blades, handicrafts, ceramics, glass, etc., the composite of carbon fiber sheets, the sealing of microelectronic materials, etc.


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